How do I ship my golf clubs?

During the creation process of your trade-in quote, the very last step is to generate the pre-paid shipping documents unless you requested a trade-in kit with the packing material. If your trade-in subtotal is over $150, shipping will be free. If not, a $10 shipping fee will be deducted directly from your trade-in quote.

Here's the procedure on how to ship your clubs with our trade-in kit: 

  1. Start by opening your kit, which contains;
    - A cardboard box
    - 4 bands of tape (Peel the tape off the paper and use the adhesive side)
    - Bubble wrap
    - A shipping label and commercial invoice (if applicable; US shipment)
  2. Prepare your golf club(s) for shipment
    - Group your club(s) together
    - Wrap them in the bubble wrap to make sure the shafts are protected and tape the wrap tightly
    - Protect the head of the clubs by wrapping them in some cellophane wrap or even the headcovers if you have them
  3. Unfold and secure the box
    - Use part of the adhesive bands provided to close the bottom of the box
    - Insert your club(s)
    - Use the remaining adhesive tape to seal the box
  4. Stick the pre-printed prepaid return label to the box
    1. If you have a commercial invoice with it, make sure to tape it on the outside of the box but separately from the label

  5. Drop the box and your local depot or ship center (UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post) depending on which shipping documents were provided with your kit
  6. Once we receive and inspect your golf clubs at our warehouse, we'll notify you and then we'll issue your Golf Avenue credits into your account